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Christmas charity: IFCS promotes community project for girls' football in Zambia

Also this year the Styrian company IFCS donates funds to a charity organization in memory of its deceased IFCS managing director Martin Walizadeh. This time the money goes to a flagship project for young female footballers in Africa.

Kalingalinga is situated right at the heart of Zambia, to be precise – in the east of the capital Lusaka. Kalingalinga is one of those townships affected from poverty. To be born here means facing a life in hardship later on. Football can be a way out of this misery. In order to really help here it takes more than just a football academy that transfers one young hopeful to Europe every few years. That´s what projects like “Africa on the Ball” can provide.

The Scottish organization „Africa on the Ball“ has set itself the objective of promoting the development of sustainable and community projects. It was in Kalingalinga in 2011, where “Africa on the Ball” started a project for girls helping them to live a better life by participating in football training and matches. This is why their education and finding work (apart from fun with sports, of course) are the most important cornerstones of the project. So under its traditional Christmas charity projects IFCS has determined to finance a whole project year for the Kalingalinga girls.

“As a renowned player in the international football business it is a matter of great importance for us to express our gratitude by giving something back to the football community”, says IFCS managing director Kian Walizadeh.  There are good reasons for his company´s supporting a project in Africa. “No other continent in the world is so exploited as Africa. This is also true of our sector in which, in many places, football is promoted just for commercial interests to possibly provide a chance for a better life to just the most talented young hopefuls. The pragmatic approach of ‘Africa on the Ball’ is far more holistic. It is a showcase organization and demonstrates to us how mass sport can fight against negative developments in society.”

It was back in 2015 when IFCS started its Christmas charity in memory of the deceased former IFCS managing director Martin Walizadeh. The father of two had been torn from this world in 2015 unexpectedly.