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Austria´s U-19 Team fighting to qualify for European team finals

At the end of March the U-19 squad of Austria´s Football Federation is trying to reach the European team finals.

Between March 24th and 29th Eastern Styria is the venue of the U-19 elimination finals to qualify for the U-19 European team finals. The youngsters of Austria´s Football Federation are taking on their peers from Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The venues for the six qualifying games to be played are Gleisdorf´s Solar Stadium, Bad Waltersdorf´s Thermal Stadium, and the newly refurbished stadium of Rohrbach on the Lafnitz. Austria´s U-19 squad is playing one match in each of these three east Styrian stadiums.

March 24th is the day when the squad of U-19 coach Rupert Marko is taking on Slovakia´s team in Rohrbach. On March 26th the Romanian team is the next opponent in Bad Waltersdorf. Finally Austria´s U-19 will be taking on the Czech team in Gleisdorf on March 29th. In the flyer attached you will find more information about these matches (picture increases by clicking).

€ 7,- admission for all Austrian U-19 matches (free of charge for youngsters up to 16 yrs). Admission free for all other matches.

The members of Austria´s U-19 squad:
First name / last name / birth date /club

Paul GARTLER 10.03.1997 SK Rapid Wien Amateure
Patrick PENTZ 02.01.1997 FK Austria Wien Amateure
Nicolas SCHMID 22.02.1997 LASK Linz
Tobias SCHÜTZENAUER 19.05.1997 SK Sturm Graz
Bernhard FILA 26.01.1997 SK Rapid II
David GUGGANIG 10.02.1997 FC Liefering
Sandro INGOLITSCH 18.04.1997 FC Liefering
Benjamin KAUFMANN 14.06.1997 FC Liefering
Marco KRAINZ 17.05.1997 FK Austria Wien Amateure
Manuel MARANDA 09.07.1997 Admira Wacker Juniors
Stefan PERIC 13.02.1997 VfB Stuttgart II
Stefan POSCH 14.05.1997 Admira Wacker Juniors
Philipp SEIDL 20.12.1997 SK Sturm Graz Amateure
Christopher CVETKO 02.04.1997 Bolton Wanderers U18 (ENG)
Albin GASHI 25.01.1997 AKA SK Rapid Wien
Konrad LAIMER 27.05.1997 FC Red Bull Salzburg
Dejan LJUBICIC 08.10.1997 SK Rapid II
Philip MALICSEK 03.06.1997 FC Admira Wacker
Sebastian MANN 06.01.1997 SK Sturm Graz Amateure
Simon PIRKL 03.04.1997 FC Wacker Innsbruck
Sebastian PUNZ 25.02.1997 SKN St. Pölten Juniors
Wilhelm VORSAGER 29.06.1997 Admira Wacker Juniors
Fabian GMEINER 27.01.1997 VfB Stuttgart U19 (GER)
Nihad HADZIKIC 08.04.1997 FK Austria Wien Amateure
Patrick HASENHÜTTL 20.07.1997 VfB Stuttgart U19 (GER)
Lukas HEINICKER 06.03.1997 SK Rapid Wien II
Jan HOFBAUER 19.07.1997 FC Liefering
Nico LÖFFLER 05.07.1997 Admira Wacker Juniors
Dominik PROKOP 02.06.1997 FK Austria Wien Amateure
Xaver SCHLAGER 28.09.1997 FC Liefering
Alex SOBCZYK 20.05.1997 SK Rapid Wien II
Sinan YILMAZ 28.02.1997 Admira Wacker Juniors