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Czech Referees in IFCS-Camp

In January 2017 IFCS will be organizing a training camp for Czech refs in Portugal

Czech referees will get together in Portugal for a further internal training camp from January 27th to February 5th. IFCS is to organize this training camp in the posh Colina Verde Resort. “We have set ourselves the goal that our referees should also be successful on the international stage“, says Michael Listkiewicz, the chairman of the Czech refs. In this ten-day training camp the focus should primarily be placed on the development of the young referees.  Their performance as refs should be brought closer to the level of the already well-established referees. “The most successful and most promising ones will be invited to attend this seminar”.

We thank Mr. Listkiewicz and the Czech refs for this expression of confidence in us and hope for a successful and profitable educational seminar.