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An interview with Thomas Prenneis, General Manager of the Hotel of Austrias National Team in Bad Waltersdorf

After September, the ÖFB national team will again be guests at the Falkensteiner Hotel Bad Waltersdorf in October.

For the second time in a row the ÖFB national team prepares for its international matches in Bad Waltersdorf. Franco Foda and Co. are staying again at Thomas Prenneis’ Falkensteiner Therme and Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf. The general manager of the hotel gives insights into the preparations and the work for football teams.

From Monday the Austrian national team will be your guest again. How do the preparations work?
Due to the second stay in our house we already know what the requirements are, the work for the arrival of the team is already in progress, we are looking forward to welcoming the A-Team back again.

And what does “everyday life” look like during the ongoing training camp?
On most days there is a tight program for the team as well as exact times for the trainings and the meal times. It can happen that during the course of the day you wouldn’t even think the team is our guest! 😉

You repeatedly host national teams and European top clubs in your hotel. Are there any special requests? What precautions have to be taken? And what has been the most extraordinary wish so far?
First and foremost is the training and development of the players. There are of course wishes that are not common – such as chefs who prepare the desired food together with our kitchen team -, bikes are always needed for the whole crew.

Your hotel seems to be very popular in football. What is the reason?
Over the years we have become true football pros, I think this is already getting around in the “industry” – but of course also through the cooperation with Mr. Walizadeh and the IFCS team. We are already looking forward to planning many more training camps together with you!

How big are the delegations of the clubs?
This is very different, sometimes they are smaller “teams” and sometimes bigger, but I would say between 35 and 60 people.

What role do the football teams play in marketing and communication for the hotel?
We try to protect the privacy of the teams as much as possible, therefore we try to carry as little as possible to the outside.

Which outstanding personalities have you remembered – and why?
Due to the many teams, you can’t commit yourself anymore! 😉 But to see top players like Alaba or Arnautovic in person will of course stay in your memory.

Which team and which player would you like to see as a guest?
Being allowed to welcome an Austrian national team was a highlight for me and for the whole hotel. We are looking forward to all teams who would like to hold a training camp in our house and are not choosy here. 😉
Whether national teams from Serbia or Chile, Krasnodar, Rubin Kazan, West Ham United, SK Sturm Graz and what they are called – everyone is warmly welcome! Our motto is “Welcome Home” and we would like to carry that to the outside!