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“Styria Day“ in Cologne

IFCS invited a Styrian delegation to Cologne. The most prominent members of the delegation were Provincial Councilor Barbara Eibinger-Miedl. Needless to say that drumming up much support for the province of Styria, also known as “Austria´s Green Heart”, was in fact the goal in Cologne´s Rhein Energie-Stadium.

For four years Peter Stöger was quite successful as the manager of 1.FC Cologne. In that time the cathedral city´s renowned football club moved up from Germany´s  second Bundesliga all the way to play even in the European Cup.  Together with his new club Borussia Dortmund Peter Stöger returned to the Rhine at the beginning of February giving the duel between the two Bundesliga clubs a particular and even explosive appeal.

It was not only on the green pitch that Austrians took centre stage. A Styrian delegation bustled in Cologne´s club lounge. So IFCS managing director Kian Walizadeh invited to a “Styria Day“ as FC Cologne had been in a pre-season training camp in Styria´s Bad Radkersburg last summer. Part of the high-level delegation were political representatives of the province of Styria as well as members of the Styria Tourist Board and the tourist region Bad Radkersburg (with representatives of IFCS partner hotel „Romantik Hotel im Park“). By offering culinary delicacies from our region all of them tried to establish contacts and to drum up much support for Austria´s Green Heart. Among the guests were Provincial Councilor Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, the Styrian tourism manager Erich Neuhold, Bad Radkersburg´s city mayor Heinrich Schmidlechner, the regional tourism manager Christian Contola, and Josef Jausovec and Harald Eberhaut, the two managing directors of Radkersburg´s Romantik Hotel im Park.

Local journalists were also represented and could elicit from Cologne´s vice president and goalkeeper legend Toni Schumacher that he looks forward to his next vacation in Styria. While the guests of honour could enjoy Styrian wine, ham, pumpkin-seed oil and apple crisps in the lounge, the crowd in the stadium was witnessing a real treat on the pitch. Borussia Dortmund had the better end by narrowly winning this thrilling match 3-2.