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Test match ending in a draw

Yesterday the match between the two top teams NK Maribor and Videoton FC ended in a 2:2 draw.

In an international test match the current Hungarian champion Videoton FC played against the Slovenian serial champion NK Maribor. IFCS organized this test match. Altogether four goals were scored in this exciting and fast-paced match; finally the match of the two top teams ended in a 2:2 draw.

There was also an oddity to this match. After hindering a goal an NK Maribor player was sent off in the 44th minute. Nevertheless the two coaches agreed that both teams should carry on in the second half with 11 players, which is usually the case in test matches. However, the referee was serious about the rules and insisted on Maribor playing with just 10 players.


Goal scorers: 1:0 Mendy (27), 1:1 Feczesin (48), 1:2 Kovacs (52 / penalty), 2:2 Tavares (64)
Take a look at a few pics of this game ©Adam Cuhorka/vidi.hu; plus a short video summary.