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Meet and Greet with Peter Stöger

(MediaInfo Nr. 03)

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MediaInfo Nr. 03 Graz, 11th July , 2017
Meet and Greet with 1. FC Cologne´s head coach Peter Stöger
Both Peter Stöger and his 1.FC Cologne enjoy their stay in Bad Radkersburg. Styria´s Provincial Councilor MMag.a Barbara Eibinger-Miedl has met Markus Ritterbach, FC Cologne´s vice president, and with him she seems to have found a new ambassador for the province of Styria. Mr. Mitterbach is enthusiastic about the landscape of south-east Styria. IFCS managing director Kian Walizadeh is happy about the uncomplicated head coach.

MMag.a Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Styria´s Provincial Councilor
„We know that Styria is one of the most popular holiday destinations and we also know that we Austrians are great hosts. It is due to IFCS that again and again many international teams come to Styria every year. We are particularly pleased that 1.FC Cologne have been here as our guests since the beginning of this week.”
Peter Stöger, 1.FC Cologne´s head coach
„In fact I have known Styria for a long time, I used to play here very often and I have a very special relationship to this region as the former head coach of GAK. Bad Radkersburg as the place for our pre-season camp is a good choice. We got a warm welcome. The local people, no matter whether at the hotel, on the sports ground or the folks of IFCS very much care about us. And, of course, the fantastic weather is an extra-special treat.“
„I find it very practical to ride a bicycle to the training ground. Getting there by bike is a nice warm-up.“
„It would definitely not be your fault if we might not be so successful in the upcoming football season as we were in the past season.”

Markus Ritterbach, Vice president of 1.FC Cologne
„We native Rhinelanders appreciate Austria. And, first and foremost, with Peter Stöger we have already reserved the best head coach for us.”
„It is my first time in Styria. Today I had a chance to ride my bicycle in this countryside for an hour and a half. And I must say, Bad Radkersburg impresses us with its postcard-like scenery. The well-kept roadside gardens are all cultivated with love.“
Kian Walizadeh, IFCS managing director
„I need to express my gratitude to Peter Stöger. In the 21 years of IFCS he has always been one of the least complicated people and coaches we have been working together with. He is one of the kindest and most congenial people in the football business and even answers all sorts of eventualities with a positive feedback.“
„We were very glad that we (with Peter Stöger´s understanding and support) could celebrate our football festival at Weinzödl with the test match against GAK right after 1.FC Cologne´s arrival at Graz airport. Originally we had planned to play this match at the end of their training camp. However, due to cup-policies of ÖFB, the Austrian Football Federation, it was not possible to do it in that way.“
Sepp Jausovec, manager of Hotel im Park:
The cooperation with IFCS has developed fabulously in the past fifteen years. Every year more teams come to us and enjoy the infrastructure created around here. To us Cologne is something very special. This is why we will try very hard to emphasize the qualities of this great region. We´ll do so to make 1.FC Cologne think of us even when they are back home – and that they may come back.

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Photos: Carlo Baroncini