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Munich Lions approaching

Bad Waltersdorf hosting the prominent TSV 1860 Munich

Starting on Thursday, June 30th, the Munich Lions, as their fans refer to TSV 1860 Munich affectionately, are guests in Bad Waltersdorf´s Falkensteiner Hotel for ten days. In an evening test match the Lions played against the Swiss series champion FC Basel. Right afterwards they left Bavaria to travel to their pre-season training camp in Styria. The Germans have chosen two prominent local Austrian teams for test matches: Austria Vienna (7th July, at Kirchschlag) and Sturm Graz (10th July, at Kumberg).
The Austrian Michael Liendl (actually a Styrian) is part of the 1860 squad. The German
45-year-old Kosta Runjaic has just become the Munich Lions´ new manager. The Austrian Rubin Okotie, who was still with the 1860´s in the last season, has already announced his farewell from Munich by declining the club´s offer to extend his contract.