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GAK to meet Aston Villa in Graz – two teams with a long tradition

GAK to play against Aston Villa in Graz on July 9th – a game of two teams with a long tradition

The Styrian football fans can look forward to a very special test match on July 9th between the two traditional clubs of GAK and Aston Villa. Kick-off at 6.30 p.m. at the GAK training centre at Weinzödl (in the north of Graz).

GAK, the traditional football club from Graz founded in 1902, had to start anew from the very bottom again in Styria´s lowest football division after the difficult years in the wake of filing bankruptcy. Now they are steeply on the rise again. The Red Devils having won championship titles in a row have currently moved up to Styria´s “Oberliga” (Austria´s 5th division). With this highlight (the test match against Aston Villa from Birmingham, none other than the six times Premier League champion!) GAK want to get their fans into the right mood for the new season. In 1982 Aston Villa had even won the European Cup of football champions, the forerunner of today´s Champions League.

The new manager of this English traditional club is Roberto di Matteo, who (as FC Chelsea manager) won the Champions League title in 2011. He has been Aston Villa´s new manager since June 3rd. Aston Villa with their new manager Di Matteo will stay in Bad Radkersburg between July 7th and July 14th.

For advance sale of tickets and tickets reservations: www.grazerak.at

Standing-room tickets: 10 €
Seat-tickets: 15 €