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C’è solo un Fati

In winter on the mountain. In summer at IFCS.

By chance and the national team of his home country, Fatlum Kurtaj came into contact with IFCS – and quickly became an important part of the team. This year, the native Albanian will be Head of Camp & Match Operations for the first time.

It was an adventurous escape on foot over 1.000 kilometers which Fatlum Kurtaj, short Fati, brought to Austria. At the age of 17 he left his hometown Shkodra and three months later arrived at the border crossing Spielfeld in Styria. After another four months in the Traiskirchen refugee camp, Fati began an apprenticeship as a waiter and worked in Vienna and Vorarlberg before he moved to Carinthia. Since 2006, Fati has been responsible for the “Berghex”, a panorama bar at 1,900 metres above sea level on the Nassfeld, in winter.

In summer, on the other hand, it has been around Styrian football pitches for some time now. He looks after international football clubs and national teams when they prepare for the championship or major tournaments in Styria.

It all began in 2016: “Albania was preparing for the European Championship in Austria. As a native Albanian, I contacted Kian (Walizadeh, Managing Director IFCS; note) and applied as a team manager,” he says. He got the job – and must have done it really well, at least the national team took him directly to the European Championships to France.

For IFCS Fati was a gold handle and after the European Championships in France he was several times active as a team manager. At the training camp of Watford for example or last year twice at the camps of the Austrian national team.

This year, organizational talent Fati is responsible for the operational management of all camps and is therefore the contact person for all team leaders and for hotels and sports facilities.