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GAK´s very special ties to Britain

There is a lot that connects GAK with British football. This Saturday a new chapter may be written.

GAK meeting Aston Villa on Saturday, July 9th, is actually the continuation of a very special relationship, namely the story of this team from Graz playing against English teams.
In their glory days GAK even beat the great FC Liverpool in venerable Anfield Road in the return leg of the Champions League qualification matches. After the difficult years for the club there has been an international friendly against Crystal Palace in recent history, which was already organized by IFCS in those days. The extraordinary friendship between GAK and Crystal Palace supporters that developed after this match has persisted until now. Again and again supporters have kept visiting matches of the other club. In May 2016 a delegation of Crystal Palace supporters even attended this year´s celebration of the “Unterliga” championship title. On Saturday GAK will be playing against another English team. This may even mean the beginning of another special friendship of supporters – who knows?

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